Prince Harry Reveals the One Thing That Would Get Him & Meghan Markle to Reactivate Their Social Media Accounts

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have no plan to return to social media anytime soon, especially if the problem of misinformation isn’t addressed.

The Duke of Sussex participated in a panel for RE:WIRED’s 2021 conference earlier this month. The event, which was moderated by Steven Levy, examined how misinformation on social media spreads lies, hatred and propaganda.

“Misinformation is a global humanitarian crisis,” he told Levy during the conversation. “I've felt it personally over the years. I'm not watching it happen globally affecting everyone.” It has affected his family so much, in fact, that it’s the reason he and Meghan Markle deactivated their social media accounts. According to Hello! Harry stated that they will not return to any platform until “changes are made.”

The duke isn’t the first in his family to speak out about the dangers of the media. Earlier this month, the Duchess of Sussex appeared on The New York Times DealBook Online Summit where she opened up about her relationship with the “toxic” media.

“I would urge you not to read tabloids,” she said. “Because I don't think that's healthy for anyone. Hopefully, one day they come with a warning label like cigarettes do. Like, 'This is toxic for your mental health.’”

She continued, “I think there is really legitimate media but at the moment, you see in many ways social media feeding into that so it becomes a race to the bottom. This clickbait culture has made it so that something that's salacious is more interesting and gets more pickup and can be monetized, so that ends up being the thing that feeds the entire environment of the media.”

While we miss seeing them on social media, we can’t say we disagree with their decision.

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