Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Living Out One of Princess Diana's Fantasies

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Not only are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle honoring Princess Diana's legacy with the middle name of their new daughter, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, but they are also living out one of her biggest dreams.

According to a report from Marie Claire, Princess Diana's former butler and voice coach previously revealed that the princess was planning a move to California in the months leading up to her death.

In an original story from ABC News, the princess's ex-butler, Paul Burrell, said that the late royal told him of the move, saying, “This is our new life, just won't it be great? Think of the lifestyle, the boys — nobody's judgmental here in America, you don't have the class system, you don't have the establishment.”

It seems that Diana's wishes continued on to her youngest son, Prince Harry, who had a similar motive when he and his wife, Meghan Markle, moved into their Montecito home last year.

A source told Vogue in 2020 that the couple chose Montecito because “Harry loves California.” The source explained, “They were both drawn to the smaller town of Santa Barbara, where they can integrate into the community while having some distance and privacy that is hard to come by in the Los Angeles area.”

As it turns out, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's neighborhood is only an hour away from where Harry's mother wanted to be: Malibu.

In his statement about Diana, Burrell said he saw all the plans for “a lovely house” that was going to be in Malibu. Stewart Pearce, Princess Diana's former voice coach, confirmed the information in US Weekly, saying, “She was talking about buying a property in Malibu [saying] that would be ‘really great’ for the boys to have freedom so that they could surf. Because they’re both very sporty, you know, but they could surf, they could roller blade, they could Frisbee. So, she’d be in complete favor.”

We love that Harry is living where his mom had hoped for him to be.

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