Prince Harry Visited an Igloo Decorated with Pictures of Meghan Markle for Valentine's Day

Prince Harry may not be able to spend Valentine's Day with his wife Meghan Markle, but she was there in spirit (and in pictures).

The Duke of Sussex arrived in the Arctic Circle today to oversee troops in Norway, who are undergoing intense training known as Exercise Clockwork, and was shown to the Quincey Shelter, a famous igloo on the base. The soldiers gave him a sweet Valentine's Day surprise, however, by decorating the inside of the igloo with pictures of Markle and Prince Harry on their wedding day.

Pool/Getty Images

The soldiers even lit candles and played a romantic theme song for the grand reveal, and while Harry seemed a little embarrassed about the whole display ("Weirdos," he joked with the soldiers as he took it all in), his reaction in the video posted by royal correspondent Rebecca English is one of happiness. 

In his role as captain general of the Royal Marines, Harry attended the extreme-weather training session solo, which makes us wonder how expecting Meghan Markle is spending her Valentine's Day (hopefully with a foot and ankle massage). Although, she's most likely picking out outfits for their royal vacation to Morocco next week (equally as fun).

The duke looked dashing in camo and a green beret for the visit as he oversaw the multinational personnel run through survival exercises, learn how to operate and fight in the extreme cold weather and gain experience operating aircraft in severe cold weather and mountainous environments.

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We just hope the duchess was in on the planning for this V-Day surprise. (We can just hear her now: "Lights, candles, action, everyone!")