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Leaping lizards (or should we say iguanas?), Prince Charles had the time of his royal life on the last leg of his Caribbean tour with wife Camilla Parker Bowles.

The 70-year-old Prince of Wales experienced peak happiness yesterday on the final day of his tour when he made a scaly new best friend named Peter at the Queen Elizabeth II Royal Botanic Park in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. The prince was minding his own royal engagement business when suddenly he was introduced to Peter, a Grand Cayman native who also happens to be a blue iguana.

Prince Charles’s reaction was beyond priceless.

Prince Charles in love with an iguana
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The Prince of Wales, dressed in a dapper gray pinstripe suit with a lavender shirt, striped tie and power-clashing printed pocket square, was floored by Peter’s presence. His jaw dropped in wonder, he steadied himself by placing his hands on his knees and just really took Peter in while presumably wondering, “Do I dare pet an iguana?”

It wasn’t long before Charles decided he and Peter were meant to be. So, he reached out to pet his new pal with a single finger.

Prince Charles overjoyed by iguana
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Peter vibed with it and just sat there looking pretty. So Charles went in for a full-hand pet and they both settled into a quiet sense of comfort. Peter even started dozing off while the Prince of Wales continued petting him. Clearly, they’re new best friends.

Prince charles petting iguana
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Since Peter is now basically Prince Charles’s new lord in waiting, let’s get to know him a little, shall we? As a Grand Cayman resident, he loves long walks on the beach and noshing on fruits, flowers and veggies. Sadly, Peter and his fellow blue lizards are endangered, but places like Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Botanic Park keep them nice and safe.

We thought Prince Charles was excited when he got that birthday balloon, but this really takes the cake. Peter and the prince forever.

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