Prince Charles Is Appearing in a New Documentary & the Trailer Includes a Major Throwback from the ’90s

The royal family is gearing up to take over our TV screens.

Not only did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ink a multimillion-dollar deal with Netflix last year, but Prince William recently tried his hand at acting in a promo for his Earthshot Prize Awards earlier this month.

Now, another royal is getting in front of the cameras: Prince Charles.

The Prince of Wales is releasing a documentary through Sky Kids called COP26: In Your Hands, where he is joined by “six young climate activists from six continents,” who shed light on how climate change is affecting where they live.

“By the time I was a teenager, I started to see that if we didn't stop polluting our planet, we would face a very dangerous future indeed,” Prince Charles says in the clip. Along with the prince's voiceover, we are given a few photos and clips of the royal's past involvement in environmental conservation, including a photo around 35 seconds into the video, that was taken all the way back in 1990.

The vintage photo stems from a trip that Prince Charles took with the late Princess Diana to Cameroon. This specific moment was captured while the prince visited Korup National Park in a beige safari suit.

charles hero
Tim Graham/Getty Images

Of course, Prince Charles may not be so young anymore, but his care for preserving the natural world remains as strong as ever.

His investment is clear in the quote they shared in the caption of the post, where he points to the six young activists from the documentary, saying, “Their voices matter, and so does yours. Your future depends upon the future of the planet. But only if we all work hard now to make our planet healthy again, will your future be healthy too.”

We can't argue with that message. We will definitely be tuning in.

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