Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles just got cake-ified.

It all started when the 71-year-old Prince of Wales and 72-year-old Duchess of Cornwall attended the official commissioning ceremony for the newly minted HMS Prince of Wales Royal Navy aircraft carrier in Portsmouth, England, today. Charles and his wife celebrated the £3.1 billion (yes, seriously), 919-foot-long carrier by chatting with Navy personnel and posing for pictures. But that wasn’t all. The party also included an enormous cake complete with miniature figurines of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall themselves.

hms prince of wales comissioning ceremony cake
Arthur Edwards/WPA Pool/Getty Image

Sure, it isn’t quite as big as the HMS Prince of Wales, but it’s incredibly ornate. In fact, the cake is so detailed that it also includes tiny versions of Camilla, Charles and servicemen.

prince charles and camilla on a cake
Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/Getty Images

As you can see above, a serviceman is holding a sign that reads, “This time it’s HMS.” This is a cheeky reference to the new carrier’s sister ship, the HMS Queen Elizabeth. When Her Majesty first visited the ship in December 2017 she was presented with a similar cake with a figure of a sailor holding an “HMS” sign and a little Queen Elizabeth holding one that read, “Me.”

This go around, the Duchess of Cornwall’s figurine is lending a hand to the serviceman. She’s holding a sign that says “Him,” which points to a mini version of Prince Charles. It’s all very fitting for Charles’s fancy new Commodore-in-Chief, Aircraft Carriers title bestowed upon him by the Navy.

In addition to the cake, the Duchess of Cornwall, who’s the ship’s sponsor, delivered a speech and called the new addition to the fleet “the beginning of an exciting new era in our long naval history.”  

Now we want cake. 

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