Prada Is Revamping Its Cult-Favorite Nylon Bags with Recycled Materials

prada nylon bags to be made entirely eco friendly by 2021

When Miuccia Prada first launched her nylon bag designs in 1984, they didn't immediately elicit the deep love Bianca Stratford would later wax poetic about in 10 Things I Hate About You. But for the past 25 years, they've become something of a cult favorite and absolutely worth the splurge (trust us, this is one bag that will never go out of style). Now we're falling in love with Prada's nylon collection all over again, thanks to a new sustainable effort by the Italian brand.

On the heels of Prada's announcement to stop using fur by 2020, the label is now planning to replace the regular nylon used in its designs with Econyl, a regenerated nylon yarn made from reclaimed ocean plastics, fishing nets and textile fibre waste that can be reused, recycled and redesigned an infinite number of times. Prada aims to have all of the nylon in its bags replaced with Econyl by 2021.

And great news: The Re-Nylon collection has launched with six of the most classic Prada designs (yes, including not one, but two backpacks). And along with the new environmentally friendly materials, Prada is also donating a portion of the proceeds from every purchase to UNESCO’s sustainability teaching programs. The Econyl bags are a bit more expensive than their nylon predecessors, but Prada hopes to lower the prices back down once all the nylon stock and fabric has been distributed (you know, in keeping with the theme of limiting waste).

Saving the world, one handbag at a time. We like your style, Prada.

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