Watch Pink & Daughter Willow Perform a Stunning Aerial Acrobatic Routine at the Billboard Music Awards

Earlier this year, we learned that Pink passed down her stellar vocal skills to her daughter, Willow Sage Hart. However, it seems that’s not the only skill the 9-year-old has acquired from her mother. Turns out, she also is quite the acrobat.

During last night’s Billboard Music Awards, the 41-year-old singer performed a medley of some of her greatest hits. To kick off the act, Willow joined her famous mother on stage for an impressive aerial routine to their song “Cover Me in Sunshine,” which they co-wrote together.

And we have to say we’re pretty impressed. The mother-daughter duo wrapped themselves in long braid-like ropes that hung from the ceiling. The two then intertwined their bodies and hung from the ropes while spinning in the air.

After Willow exited the stage, Pink moved on to her song “All I Know So Far.” She then turned up the energy for “So What,” “Who Knew” and “Just Like a Pill.” She ended her performance with her popular hit “Just Give Me a Reason.”

This isn’t the first time we heard Pink and her daughter sing the tune. The pop star debuted the song in her very first TikTok video back in February. In the clip, Willow and her mom are in mid-conversation when she says, "Or I could just sing Cover Me in Sunshine."

Willow then sings, “Cover me in sunshine / Shower me in good times / Tell me that the world’s been spinning / Since the beginning and everything will be alright / Just cover me in sunshine.”

Just when we thought we couldn’t be any more impressed with the 9-year-old, she hangs from the ceiling and proves us all wrong.

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