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New Survey Says Your Dogs Approval of Your Boyfriend Matters More Than Your Family’s

You called your mom to gush about the first date, answered your dad’s unending questions about your current fling’s work history, education, family and sports preferences, and sat through your sister’s rant about his male grooming tendencies. But you may have neglected to make sure a certain other family member approves of your choice of S.O.

According to a new survey from online retailer Zulily, nearly half of millennial pet owners said their pet’s approval of someone they’re dating matters more than their family’s. The survey, which asked 500 nationally representative pet owners, also found that 46 percent of women would rather snuggle up to James Earl Bones or Mr. Whiskers than their partner.

So if you’re thinking about introducing a new person to your family, just remember that Notorious D.I.G. has some say in the matter.

...Unless you want to end up in the doghouse, that is.

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