This Year’s Oscars Set Is the Best in Years. Here’s Why

It’s not just the fashion that’s turning heads at the 91st annual Academy Awards. The set design at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles is downright stunning.

This year, the Academy turned to award-winning creative director and designer David Korins (Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen) to create a set worthy of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Korins partnered with Swarovski crystals to create four separate designs, each one as breathtaking as the next. Our personal favorite? A 1,600-pound cloud-shaped installation called the “Crystal Cloud.”

Although the three-story-high, 54-foot-wide ribbon-like design called the “Crystal Swag” isn’ttoo shabby, either.

“We have built an installation of an incredibly soft, beautiful, sweeping, asymmetrical portal that wraps literally out into the audience, covers the opera boxes and hugs the audience,” Korins told Architectural Digest.

Is there an Oscar for best Oscars set design? Because there should be.

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