10 Times Olivia Pope Was a Total Badass on ‘Scandal’

Being a fixer in Washington, D.C., is a pretty tough gig, but Olivia Pope (played by queen Kerry Washington) handles it like a total boss. Whether she's solving colossal scandals or untangling her complicated love life, she rocks a shift dress and trench like a suit of armor and crushes anyone who stands in her way. In honor of Scandal’s 100th episode, pour a glass (or bottle) of your favorite robust red and enjoy ten of Olivia Pope's most badass moments.

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Anytime She's Said ‘it's Handled'

From controlling the narrative on her sexy affair with Fitz to fixing the myriad problems that come across her desk, Olivia Pope is always ten steps ahead. We can't even stay ahead of our own laundry.

When She Made Fitz Work For It

No bossier words have ever been said. Yasss, Olivia, yasss! Know your worth.

When She Told Cyrus To Grow Up

Liv's not one to watch a friend crash and burn. When Cyrus's life was falling apart, she gave it to him straight. #RESPECT

When She Was Kidnapped But Still Ran The Show

Even though she may have been a teensie-weensie bit scared, Liv used her knowledge of Farsi (of course she's fluent in Farsi) to control the kidnapping situation and ultimately get to safety. We're nothing without our Gladiator support system.

When She Decided To ‘pull Off The Impossible'

Olivia's never met a challenge she didn't like. When Huck was missing (and probs a goner), she clearly proved she's a woman who laughs in the face of danger.

Anytime She's Helped Herself To A Healthy Pour Of Red

She's a grown-ass woman and she understands the importance of antioxidants.

When She Called Out Fitz For Being Bitter

Olivia always calls it like she sees it. Jealous much?

When She Slapped Abby

The slap heard round the world. We wouldn't want to get on Olivia's bad side, but this tense scene did bring season six full circle.

When She Made Potus Say ‘consider It Done'

Some might shy away from yelling at the president of the United States. Not Olivia Pope.

When She Knew She Was The Best And Said So

"It's not arrogance. It's fact." Preach.

So, Cheers To You Olivia Pope

You keep being scandalous. We'll be here with our wine.

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