This Is the Breathtaking, Affordable Wine Destination You Haven’t Heard Of
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When you think of amazing wine regions, your mind probably jumps to Tuscany, Bordeaux, Burgundy or even Ohio. But you don’t have to head to Europe (or Ohio) for a good glass. What if we told you that you should book a trip to Canada?

It turns out that the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia boasts a must-visit wine country that likely slipped by your radar. And even though it’s up north, it’s not all ice wines and dessert sippers. Okanagan Valley’s best wines are actually dry red and white wines. Surprised? The region has a long history in agriculture. Plus, its moderate, dry climate and long summer daylight hours make it possible to ripen grapes.

To get a real taste of the region, make a beeline straight for the Syrah. The Okanagan’s versions are subtle, elegant and moderately tannic. White wines more your thing? Acidic, lean Chardonnays and dry Rieslings can’t be missed.

The very best part? A visit to the Okanagan won’t run your wallet dry. On average, wine tastings cost $4 to $8 (USD). Whoa. And if you visit in late spring or early fall, you can avoid the hoards of tourists (and crazy hot weather) of summer. 

So take our word when we say Canada is the next hot spot. Or don’t (...more wine for us).

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