Holy Cow, You’ll Soon Be Able to Make Your Own Almond Milk at Whole Foods

Regular milk? Yawn. These days, everyone and their grandmother is all about alternative dairy like oat milk and cashew milk. And one of the most popular choices is creamy almonds. Which is why the recent addition of bottle-your-own almond milk machines to Whole Foods is pretty damn exciting. 

The NüMilk machines were announced late last year and will soon be coming to grocery stores around the country. 

Here’s how it works: You grab an empty bottle next to the machine and decide whether you want unsweetened almond milk (just almonds and filtered water) or sweetened almond milk (almonds, water and a hint of organic maple syrup). Then, you press a button and wait as the machine grinds the almonds and mixes it with water (and sweetener, if that’s what you want). You’ll be holding a bottle of freshly made almond milk in less than 30 seconds. Each bottle of almond milk costs $3.99.

But if that sounds like too much work, there’s also the option of picking up already-bottled almond milk in the refrigerated section for the same price. 

NüMilk machines are basically the same idea as the Whole Foods DIY nut butter bar, except now you can make your own cereal topper, too. And just like with the grind-your-own nut butter concept, the idea behind NüMilk is that consumers get the product they love minus any nasty additives or unnecessary ingredients. 

Another bonus? By reducing the number of steps between the raw materials and the finished product (i.e., there’s no need to package the milk off-site), the company is hoping to create a more sustainable model that produces less waste.

The machines are currently available at two Whole Foods locations in New Jersey (Paramus and West Orange) with plans to expand to more stores soon, including the Upper West Side and Williamsburg in New York City by the end of March. And those in San Diego, California, can expect to see the machines coming to their local Whole Foods by the end of the year. 

Now, if only they could create a machine for our beloved oat milk.