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The *One* Thing You’re Doing That’s Really Pissing Off Your Dentist

You know when you’re at the doctor’s office and he asks you how many drinks you typically have in a week? Or when your personal trainer asks you about the last time you worked out? It’s only natural to fib a little. And when your dentist asks how often you floss, of course your immediate response is “twice a day, every day.” (Even if you can’t remember the last time you reached for the dental floss.)

Well, the jig is up.

“We pay a lot of money to go to school and assess the health of your gingiva (i.e., gums),” a New York City dentist tells us. “So, when you tell us that you floss every day, but really you mean every day for the last three days…we can tell.”

Oops, guilty as charged. You’re better off being honest, the doctor tells us. “If you don’t floss or don’t know the proper way, we are here to teach you,” she adds.

Duly noted.

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