So Smashing: These Boozy Piñatas Are Filled with Alcohol

There used to be nothing better than whacking the living bejeezus out of a swinging rainbow-colored piņata at Carl’s eighth birthday party. And now adults can enjoy the same feeling, but with the bonus of being rewarded with booze.

Nipyata, a novelty party supply company, has created 28 styles of piņatas, ranging from pineapples to O.G. donkeys. There are also holiday varieties, including a pumpkin, Santa Claus and a shamrock. But here’s the best part: They all contain plastic nips (those alcohol-filled mini bottles you can buy on airplanes) instead of candy.

The piņata styles range in price from $70 to $600 (for this massive stack of presents that’s over three feet tall and filled with 150 bottles). And with Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, what better way to avoid the crowds at Mexican restaurants than by having a Nipyata party in your own backyard?

Blindfolded, tipsy and swinging a plastic stick in the air while waiting for tiny bottles of Jose Cuervo to rain down from the heavens? Sounds like our kind of party.

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