Fans Think the Night King Showed Up at the End of 'Game of Thrones' Episode 2...but Here's Why They're Wrong

As we gear up for yet another weekend of nail-biting suspense surrounding the third installment of Game of Thrones season eight, we can't help but feel like something's not right this time around...

And part of our sneaking suspicion is coming from the trailer, which feels all too obvious about what's to come. A big battle! White Walkers! Explosions! Swords!

While we know all men must die, and some of our favorite characters could be the ones to go this time around, it just felt like something was missing. We don't even see the Night King in the trailer for episode three, right? So what if he's not actually there?

The end of episode two may have proved our point. See, some fans said that the Night King, while not obvious, is there in the final glimpse of the White Walker generals. There seems to be some sort of large blue spear rising up in the middle of them that's unlike the thin ice spears the other generals are holding (and that looks super similar to the Night King's usual curved-blade sword thingy).

But Game of Thrones expert Charlie under the YouTube name Emergency Awesome astutely pointed out that upon zooming into the scene, it's actually another general with a beard. Case closed. (See minute-mark 8:30 in the video above for his explanation.)

We've long theorized that the NK will skip this battle, and that instead he'll march south to bypass Winterfell and Dany's dragons and armies (which would result in a swift defeat) to hit up Cersei. Why King's Landing? The Night King could potentially gain a million more foot soldiers by turning all the tightly packed and unprotected citizens of the capital into wights.

Valar Morghulis, indeed. Tune in Sunday, April 28, at 9 p.m. on HBO to see if we're wight (er, right).

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