Disney Just Unveiled New Dole Whip Treats Inspired by ‘Moana,’ ‘Tangled’ & ‘Up’

Disney World has no shortage of delicious theme park treats, and for many, the cup of joy that is Dole Whip tops the list as an all-time favorite. The creamy, pineapple soft-serve dessert is legendary on its own, but Disney decided to up the magical ante with three brand-new Dole Whip cone creations.

Inspired by some our favorite Disney movies, these new frozen treats include the “Lost Princess” cone from Tangled, the “Hei Hei” cone from Moana (finally, the chicken gets some love) and the “Adventure Is Out There” cone from Up.

The “Lost Princess” cone is a lemon Dole Whip creation swirled in a purple cone and topped with edible flowers. (Too pretty to eat? Nah, we’ll still demolish it.)

The “Hei Hei” cone features the original pineapple Dole Whip topped with raspberry soft serve, candy eyes and a sour gummy strip.

The “Adventure Is Out There” cone is mango Dole Whip swirled in a bright blue cone and topped with multicolored chocolate pearls. It wouldn’t be an Up-themed treat without an adorable balloon reference.

The new Dole Whip desserts are available now at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Who’s up for a trip to Orlando?