Feed Your Royal Addiction with These 9 Netflix Shows (‘The Crown’ & ‘The Tudors’ Not Included)

You plowed through The Crown season two the weekend it came out. The Tudors? Oh, you watched that way back when it was on Showtime and again when it hit Netflix. Suffice it to say, you’re an expert when it comes to well-known royal TV shows. Here, nine royal shows you should add to your Netflix queue, ya know, after you catch up on the latest Harry and Meghan news.

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‘the Royal House Of Windsor’

With historical footage and personal interviews, The Royal House of Windsor tells the story of the British royal family’s last 100 years of power. We’re as intrigued by this docuseries as Queen Elizabeth is by cake.


If you love the movie Marie Antoinette and opulent period fashion, then look no further than Versailles. This series centers around King Louis XIV, who gained notoriety for the elaborate nature of his court rituals at—you guessed it—Versailles.

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‘the Royals’

Another day, another fascinating docuseries centered on the royal family. Although it’s similar to The Royal House of Windsor, this single-season show focuses more intently on the cultural phenomenon (i.e., the Middleton effect) side of the family.


She may have been a teen queen, but Reign’s portrayal of Mary, Queen of Scots gives us full-on sex, drama and political games of chess. Think Gossip Girl, but, like, historic.


‘the Windsors’

Don’t let the name fool you. This comedic series is an irreverent dramatization of the royal family’s daily life and the result is bloody hysterical.



Murder! Deceit! Game of Thrones’s own Robb Stark (actor Richard Madden) stars in this drama set in 15th-century Florence. Medici follows a banking heir from an aristocratic family who’s out to further his family’s agenda. The royal tie-in? The Medici family produced not one but two queen regents of France and ultimately obtained the hereditary titles of Duke of Florence and Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

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‘secrets Of Great British Castles’

Historian Dan Jones takes it way, way back to dive into the history of some of the British royal family’s grandest British castles. It’s basically like House Hunters, but royal.

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‘the Borgias’

Like the Medicis, the Borgias were a real-life prominent family who married into Spanish royalty despite a long history of, um, illicit behavior. Google at your own risk.

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‘empire Of The Tsars’

Historian Lucy Worsley explores the Romanov dynasty of Russia, their three-century reign and the missteps that led to their demise. And nope, it doesn’t solve the whole Anastasia mystery. Womp, womp.

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