Here's What You Need to Know About Luke & Nellie's ‘Twin Sense’ on ‘The Haunting of Hill House’

If you look past the Bent-Neck Lady, moving walls and murderous spirits of The Haunting of Hill House, you’ll notice the show revolves around two of the five Crain siblings—Luke and Nellie (or “Nell”).

However, I can’t stop thinking about their “twin sense” and how it impacted the story line, ultimately leading to (spoiler alert!) Nellie’s suicide-cum-homicide. From feeling each other’s pain to making life-changing sacrifices, here’s what I uncovered about Luke and Nell’s unique twin connection.

Tina Rowden/Netflix

They're Practically The Same Person

Long story short: They can feel each other’s pain. When Nellie takes her own life, Luke experiences withdrawal-like symptoms that had me seriously questioning his sobriety. Dark circles, clammy skin, the chills—you name it.

The problem? He was clean. He didn’t know Nellie succumbed to her childhood fears. The symptoms were his body’s way of telling him she was in danger, so yeah, talk about karma.

Steve Dietl/Netflix

And The Proof Is In Their Relationship

Remember when Nell took Luke to rehab? Well, if you ignore the fact that she bought him drugs so he could get high one last time, you may remember that he nonchalantly warned her.

In the car, he apologizes for what’s to come, considering she’ll likely experience withdrawal symptoms along with him. Although he assures her it will only last a few days, I can’t help but wonder if they ever consulted a doctor about this “twin thing.”

Steve Dietl/Netflix

They Only Have Each Other

Sure, their mom was supportive for someone living in a haunted house. But at the end of the day, Luke and Nellie only had each other. Although the other siblings were sympathetic about the frightening Bent-Neck lady, they didn’t actually listen to her or believe what she was going through. If they had, maybe they would have realized that Nellie’s demons were foreshadowing her death all along.

Luke also repeatedly told his family about his little girl pal Abigail. They brushed him off and chalked it up to an imaginary friend. If they only knew…

Steve Dietl/Netflix

...but Those Glasses

And finally, how cute are those actors? Violet McGraw (Nellie) and Julian Hilliard (Luke) were totally the breakout stars of the show in my book.

Although I was initially Team Nellie because, well, the Bent-Neck Lady is terrifying AF, young Luke’s chubby cheeks and innocent gaze makes me completely forget about the money-stealing addict he grows up to be. Besides, anyone who can rock magnified glasses deserves a break.