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Whoa, You Can Now Go to as Many Movies as You Want for $7 a Month

Going to the movies is great and all, but is it just us or does it seem like a big investment these days? 

MoviePass, the guys behind the theater subscription for unlimited movies for $10 a month, just lowered its price to $7 a month. Now there’s pretty much no excuse not to go see Murder on the Orient Express 17 times in theaters.

The catch: You have to pay the $7 per month for a year in one bulk sum of 90 bucks (which includes a $6.55 processing fee) and you can see only one movie per day (no back-to-back screenings of A Bad Moms Christmas, unfortunately). Also, the offer is only available for a limited time.

OK, so one whole year of unlimited movies? Twist our arm, why don’t you?

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