If You've Ever Wanted to Be Fabulously Warm *and* Fancy, Try a Puffer Gown

Puffer jackets are warm, comfy and practical. But stylish? Not exactly…until now.

Feast your eyes on the Moncler sleeveless puffer gown. Yes, gown. We never knew we needed such a fascinating item (and to be totally honest, we don't think we do need it, but, my god, are we intrigued).

moncler puffer evening dress complete with puffer evening gloves available at barneys
Barneys New York

So many questions come to mind that we don't even know where to begin. Is this the fanciest puffer coat we'll ever own or the warmest dress? Did Moncler intend for these to be functional or simply observed like art? Are we human or are we dancer?

Our number-one question, of course: How much do they cost? Welp, at $2,710, these riveting Moncler gowns aren't exactly budget-friendly. And the more reasonably priced slightly cheaper $1,500 green puffer gloves, that are the only conceivably appropriate accessory for such an ensemble, are currently sold out.

These curious creations make us giggle, but we've also come up with an entire list of occasions for which these beauties would be the only appropriate outfit option.

- A black-tie New Year's event that's taking place outdoors.

- When you're skiing but also just not really in the mood to wear pants.

- The Met Gala, should the theme ever be “An Ode to the Stay Puft Man” or perhaps “Derelicte.”

- Whilst channeling your inner red-carpet Ezra Miller.

- Speaking of red carpets, if REI ever has red-carpet store opening, this couture take on the sleeping bag will be utter perfection.

- Your intro clip for Real Housewives of Siberia.

You know what? These gowns are just as frivolous and silly as nose warmers, and those are flying off the shelves. All we're saying is don't knock the puffer dress until you've tried it. (Or at least until you've seen Beyoncé wearing it.)