You Can Now Get a Mini Statue of Yourself 3D Printed—and It's Not that Expensive

Your desk has all of the usual suspects: a fancy water bottle, a laptop with a screen so dusty you can barely see through it but are too lazy to clean, a couple notebooks you'll never write in but continue to buy because it's aspirational. But something is still missing: a miniature statue of yourself created by a 3D printer. 

OK, so maybe we're exaggerating and you don't need a mini-you, but it would be pretty fun, right? 

That's precisely the thinking behind Doob USA, an NYC-based 3D technology company that creates a tiny version of you using a process we don't entirely understand but think is very cool nonetheless. 

Customers can drop by a Doob location (in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, San Diego and more) and step into the Doob-licator, a full-body 3D scanner that captures 66 photographs in a split second. After the images are approved, a high-resolution 3D file is created. Then, the file is 3D-printed and cured at Doob’s production center in Brooklyn, New York. Finally, your Doob-licate is delivered to your door, at which point you can use it to practice having difficult conversations with your boss. 

Price-wise, it's way more affordable than we would've expected, with a 4-inch statue (the smallest option) going for $99. 

Plus, think how much more productive you'll be when you can't escape your own judgmental gaze. 

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