Millie Bobby Brown Just Went Blonde (and Got Extensions)

Brown goes blonde. Millie Bobby Brown, that is.

The Stranger Things star just showed off a hair transformation worthy of an "eleven" out of ten.  Brown, 15, showed off long blonde locks on Dafne Beauty Lounge's Instagram earlier this week. For reference, here's what her hair looked like before:

Getty Images

And here she is post blonde dye job (and extensions).

Her "bronde" 'do is styled in relaxed textured waves, and Brown seemed over-the-moon in love with her new hair.

"How was your experience with me?" hairstylist Dafne Evangelista asks in a video posted to the Dafne Beauty Lounge 'Gram.

"It was amazing," the Godzilla actress says through laughter. "I mean, I have hair for the first time in four years, so it's good," Brown says, referencing her shaved head from Stranger Things season one that she's since been growing out.

But then, Brown went and changed her hair...again. In newer photos posted from YSV Salon in Miami, it seems Brown got the extensions removed and went even blonder. (And we can totally relate to that post-hair-style remorse, MBB.)

Two hair transformations in one week? Been hair, done that.

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