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Milk Makeup’s Zodiac-Themed Tattoo Stamps Let You Wear Your Sign…on Your Face
Courtesy of Milk Makeup

Real talk: Is there a better ice-breaker than astrology? In our experience, nothing gets a conversation flowing like talking about your zodiac sign. (Oh, you’re a Capricorn? Same!) So why not cut to the chase and tattoo your sign to your face? (Joking…kind of.)

Enter Milk Makeup’s Astrology Tattoo Stamps. The tiny, temporary tats are nothing new to the brand, but they just launched a collection featuring all 12 astrological signs. Ooh…

The stamps, which come in pen form, are kinda like liquid eyeliner: They’re transfer-proof, water-resistant and wash off with oil-based makeup remover. Not missing a step, the brand infused them with vitamin E and sunflower oil, so they won’t dry out your skin. Mercury in retrograde? Stamp. Want your date to know if you’re compatible? Stamp. Feeling particularly Virgo today? STAMP.

OK, we admit that they’re ever-so-slightly, um, extra for daytime. But seriously, we all know at least one zodiac-obsessed friend. This has “stocking stuffer” written all over it.

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