Reese Witherspoon Finally Found the One Thing That Meryl Streep Can’t Do

She can sing, she can win three Oscars and she can kiss Cher. There’s just one thing Meryl Streep can’t do, and we’re right there with her.

Streep’s Big Little Lies co-star Reese Witherspoon recently revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that the 69-year-old actor is really bad at—wait for it—bowling.

“I actually think at one point [Streep] threw [the ball] the opposite way and people had to, like, scatter,” Witherspoon said on the show. She had shared photos of the female-led cast on Instagram in June 2018, and from the looks of it, they had fun at the bowling alley despite Streep’s low scores. (Hello, have they heard of bumpers? They’re not just for kids.)

It was revealed that Streep would join the second season of the popular HBO show in January 2018, taking on the role of Mary Louise Wright, aka Celeste Wright’s (Nicole Kidman) mother-in-law. Considering her character’s son died rather gruesomely in season one, we have a feeling Meryl, er, Mary will be out for blood. But in real life, Streep is quite the opposite. Witherspoon shared details with Ellen DeGeneres, saying, “She just transforms, she’s incredible. And she’s so game for everything, she just wanted to go out to dinner and hang out with us, and tell us all her stories, which was really fun.”

The new season of Big Little Lies premieres on June 9 on HBO…but you already knew that, right?

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