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Breathe Easy: Mercury in Retrograde Is Over...for Now
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Roll back your shoulders, stretch out your legs and breathe deep: Mercury in retrograde is over, people!

The retrograding phase, which lasted from November 16 to December 6, is thought to cause major headaches in areas of our lives like travel, communication and honestyWoof.

But it’s also beneficial in a lot of ways. Astronomically speaking, the “backward” motion of the little red planet actually helps us pause on important things like signing contracts, negotiating deals and making big purchases. It also reconnects us with people from our past we may have lost touch with (for better or worse), which can be a good thing in helping you heal and recover post-relationship, then make moves on to something new.

The havoc-wreaking planet also makes us more reflective and pensive instead of ready to spring into action, and that can have beneficial effects once it’s over. Now that we have a clear mind and time to reflect on what we want most, this time when Mercury is “turning direct” (not retrograding) is perfect for forming meaningful connections, opening up to new ideas, sticking to newly formed creative hobbies and bettering ourselves given the latest insight from the retrograde period.

Just enjoy it while you can, folks. The next retrograde, March 23 to April 15, is comin’ faster than we can say “cosmically inclined.”

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