This Meghan Markle-Approved Fashion Trend Is the Easiest Way to Look Inches Taller

We’ve learned a lot of fashion lessons from Meghan Markle, from the power of a good boatneck silhouette to how to wear leggings without looking like we’re en route to spin class. But one has made a slightly bigger impact than the rest—and it also happens to be very trendy right now: dressing monochromatically. 

Samir Hussein/getty images

Yep, wearing all one color. We love this trend for a couple reasons: It's super easy to put together (since you don't have to worry about whether or not one color goes with another), and it's incredibly flattering and leg-lengthening.

Dressing in one shade creates a long line from your head to your toes and makes you look taller automatically. (And yes, this works for any color.)

Take Meghan's ensemble above: Had she paired her silky, dark green button-down with a leather pencil skirt in, say, navy, it would cut her off right at the waist. By matching her top to her skirt, she's creating a streamlined silhouette that creates the illusion that her body is longer than it actually is. 

Thanks for the tip, Meg.