The One Thing Meghan Markle Is Doing with Queen Eliz That Kate, William and Harry Have *Never* Done

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We already told you the big (royal) news: Queen Elizabeth has officially invited the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle to join her solo to help her formally open a bridge and attend a luncheon in Chester, England, as queens do. But—get this—Queen Eliz has also asked Meghan to do something she’s apparently never ever asked Kate, Harry and Wills to do: Step aboard for a ride on the royal train.

Um, what the heck is the royal train? you may be wondering. Good question: It’s actually a multi-million dollar form of transport that’s only available to the queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla. It features a smoking room, multiple bedrooms and a dining room that seats 12, not to mention bumps are prohibited after 7:30 a.m., which could result in tea spillages. (The queen would never!)

But here’s the kicker: Even though Eliz uses it to travel around the U.K. approximately once a month, according to Vanity Fair, it seems she’s actually never invited Prince William, Prince Harry or Kate Middleton to step aboard. Can that really be true? Ouch.

In fact, Meghan is not only the first of the grandchildren to ride the royal rails, but she’ll also be sleeping over. (Hey, it’s a 168-mile journey from London to Chester, so if they want to arrive fresh for the bridge opening, it only makes sense that they leave the night before.)

Like we said, this is unprecedented to say the least. But we kind of love that the royal pair will have ample time to bond.

Now, the bigger question: Will Meghan’s dog Guy be invited, too?

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