Whoever Runs Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Instagram Account Loves Puns

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's official Instagram account, @SussexRoyal, has been having a field day during the couple's royal tour of Africa, taking place from now 'til October 2.

For starters, the account has posted 11 times in three days (lawd, our prayers go out to their social-media person). Doubly intriguing, though, is that the person crafting the photo captions (our bet is officially on Meghan herself) is a big fan of puns, which sorta kinda breaks royal tradition (you can bet the @KensingtonPalace and @ClarenceHouse accounts have never tried to caption anything as "a bad heir day"...get it?!).

For a photo from Archie's first royal engagement, Meghan and Harry's account posted the photo above along with a spectacular pun: "Arch Meets Archie!" referring to Archbishop Desmond Tutu. (Oh, yeah, and the exclamation points are really heavy-handed lately, too. Megs, is that you?!)

And the account thought it was so nice, they used it twice. Yep, their official IG account used the same exact caption ("Arch meets Archie!") again for their Instagram Stories, where they posted a video of Meghan and Harry holding baby Archie and walking toward the Archbishop. We guess you guys really liked that play on names, didn't ya?

Later in the day, the account captioned a photo, "Ladies who launch!" (Another exclamation point, you guys.) 

The caption refers to the official name of the Woodstock Exchange initiative for female entrepreneurs in South Africa that goes by the same name.

But it's the nearly back-to-back posts in the same day…with the same three-word, sorta-punny, exclamation-point-including captions that have us scratching our head over Meghan's magnificent multitasking abilities. (We mean, it has to be her…)

Sorry to spill the royal tea, Your Majes-teas. See? We can be punny, too. (@SussexRoyal, call us!!!)