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Ahead of their baby’s arrival, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been getting all the parenting prep they can. The 34-year-old Duke of Sussex has been practicing his dad mode on the reg, and the 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex has basically perfected Kate Middleton’s go-to parenting trick. All this baby prep makes us wonder: What kind of parents will Harry and Meghan be? Well, we can’t tell the future, but we can make a prediction or two based on their astrological signs.

Meghan Markle hugging a little girl
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Meghan Markle: Leo (August 4)

As a Leo, Markle was born for the world stage so it’s no wonder she’s settled into royal life so nicely. Her lion sign sensibilities also make her queen of the parenting jungle, but they can get her in trouble. Leo parents like Markle are vivacious, fiercely loyal and protective of their children. They’re illustrative with their affection and feelings, so their children can always intuit their moods—for better or worse.

Leos are by nature energetic, so it’s likely Markle and Baby Sussex will spend lots of time playing in the lush gardens of Frogmore Cottage (some spider hunts, perhaps?) and doing mommy-and-me yoga. This fire sign is also known to be generous and a fan of grand gestures, so Markle’s go-big-or-go-home baby shower mentality will probably extend into Baby Sussex’s birthday parties and Christmas gifts. (Some babies have all the luck.)

Prince Harry talking to a child1
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Prince Harry: Virgo (September 15)

Prince Harry’s Virgo sensibilities will make him a gentle and stable parent. The downside? Virgos are known for their impeccably high standards and appreciation for perfection, so he’ll need to be patient and understanding with Baby Sussex over the years. Thankfully, he’ll also be a sensible father who enjoys teaching his brood about responsibility and being economical. No wonder he’s already “obsessed” with conserving energy. As a Virgo, Prince Harry will give attention freely when it’s needed, and his be-grateful-for-what-you-have nature will help him teach Baby Sussex how to take care of all of those lavish gifts Markle is sure to indulge in.

Like Markle, Prince Harry will also enjoy being an active parent, which will make soccer practice a little bit easier when the time comes. However, as a sensitive soul who appreciates the arts, he’s just as likely to take the little dude(tte) for a stroll around Buckingham Palace to look at the family art collection.  

But what will Baby Sussex think of their parenting techniques? We have a pretty good guess.

Meghan Markle holding stomach
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Baby Sussex: Most Likely a Taurus (TBD)

It’s likely Baby Sussex will be a Taurus, as he or she is expected to arrive in late April or early May. These earth signs appreciate quiet relaxation, soft sounds and soothing smells. And with an in-house yoga studio and wellness-focused parents like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the little royal should do more than fine.

Luckily for Baby Sussex, both Mom’s Leo traits and Dad’s Virgo ones mesh well with his or hers. As a Leo, Markle is more than capable of building the stable and inviting home a little Taurus needs to thrive. And Prince Harry’s Virgo mellowness and grounded qualities are totally simpatico with his firstborn’s. The only thing Harry and Meghan need to be careful of? Tauruses can be stubborn and don’t mind holding a grudge.

There you have it: All signs point to new parenthood being a cinch for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Now we wait…

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