This New Video of Meghan Markle Picking Out Clothes Proves the Duchess Could Moonlight as a Stylist

Meghan Markle visited one of her new royal patronages, SmartWorks, today and donned a Hatch maternity dress over her five-month baby bump. But while we’re surprised that this is the duchess’s first dress by a maternity brand since she and Prince Harry announced her pregnancy in October, we’re pretty unfazed at how well the duchess did at picking out interview outfits for a woman at the charity. (We mean, she’s gotta be a royal dressing expert at this point, right?)

In the new video from today’s visit to the SmartWorks charity, which helps vulnerable and long-term unemployed women get back on their feet and re-enter the job market, the duchess can be seen styling Patsy Wardally and choosing a camel cape coat to complete her ensemble. “That looks amazing on you!” Markle says as she sees Wardally’s red patterned wrap dress.

Markle can then be heard asking about the bangle the woman is wearing to complement her interview outfit, and we’re convinced the duchess is a professional stylist (after all those years of—God forbid!—styling herself before she was ever a royal).

meghan markle laughing baby bump smartworks

Or she's a real-life fairy godmother, and the Markle Sparkle is *truly* magic. (Yeah, it's gotta be that one.)

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