This California Detail in Meghan Markle’s Backyard Is a Guarantee She’ll Never Feel Homesick

Life with a new baby is hard enough. Imagine being a million miles from home and everything that reminds you of your own childhood. For Meghan Markle, that’s exactly the case. And while she’s got a pretty sweet setup (yoga studio and all) at Frogmore Cottage, we’re sure she still has fleeting moments of homesickness.

Enter this super-subtle nod to Meghan’s California roots, located right outside in her “backyard,” so to speak. As it turns out, there are actually a couple of redwoods (the state tree of California) in the gardens at Frogmore House, including one that’s said to be more than 160 years old, according to People. (The second one was planted approximately 30 years ago and—fun fact—is said to have given the older tree new life.)

Royal fans got a glimpse of the redwoods when Frogmore House opened to the public for a few days this week as part of a charity initiative for the National Open Garden Scheme. 

As for Meghan’s enjoyment of the trees? They’re said to be walkable from Frogmore Cottage—where she and Harry live—which means that Meghan can easily stroll over with Archie and reminisce about her California upbringing along the way. 

Is it the same as raising him at home? Not quite. Does it provide a window into her California world? Absolutely.

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