Meghan Markle’s Latest Accessory Has a Sweet Hidden Message

While we’ve been gushing over Meghan Markle’s latest outfit picks, we almost missed a small yet sentimental accessory during one of her last royal engagements.

The duchess paid a visit to the National Theatre, where she sported a necklace made by London-based designer Sophie Lis. The pendant has a French quote that reads "Qu’ hier" and "Que Demain." It stems from a 19th century poem called the "Eternal Song" and the necklace is inspired by the line that loosely translates to "Every day I love you more, more than yesterday less than tomorrow." How sweet is that?

The love poem was written by French poet and playwright Rosemonde Gérard, who dedicated the piece to her husband. (Which makes us wonder, is the necklace possibly a nod to Prince Harry? Did he buy the necklace for her?) The pendant also has a red minus sign in rubies between the quote and a white diamond-encrusted plus sign on top.

But the duchess is no stranger to letting her jewelry do all the talking. Back in 2017, when the couple announced they were together, Markle wore a 14k gold necklace with her and Harry’s initials. Back in November, she honored her husband again and her new baby boy with personalized jewelry of their zodiac signs as well as dog tag pendants with their initials during the U.S. Open. Leave it to Meghan to showcase her love for her family in the most subtle way.

The Love Pendant necklace is currently $361 on the Sophie Lis site (and is also out of stock, probably because of the Meghan Effect). And for every necklace purchased, ten percent goes to the Wild at Heart Foundation that caters to fund animal welfare projects around the world. 

So while we wait for the necklace to go back online, we’ll just be admiring the sweet nod to her family in the meantime.  

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