A Group of Schoolchildren Wore Princess Outfits in the Snow to Meet Real-Life Princess Meghan Markle

Some hold signs. Others hand over bouquets. But the true royal stans are there to see a real-life fairy tale in their midst—and they dress the part.

According to royal correspondent for The Daily Mail Rebecca English, who posted the video, a group of nursery school kids were wearing princess costumes under their winter jackets and coats. Because how else does one dress to meet a real-life princess like Meghan Markle? Nailed it.

“The nursery school children had princess costumes underneath their snowsuits—but some were more interested in eating their digestives!” English captioned the video, and, yeah, cookies are important (for the non-Anglomaniacs among us: Digestives are a type of British cookie). So important, in fact, that one little boy had his back facing the duke and duchess as they came to greet the group. We dig your style, kid.

Markle and Prince Harry bent down to meet some of the members of this fabulously outfitted troupe (with Meghan’s assistant Amy Pickerill saving the day and the duchesss coat), and while the cookie monsters amongst them were busy enjoying the snack, a few of the adorable little children (some holding Union Jack flags) were interested in greeting the couple. 

The kids, from Abbeywood Tots Kindergarten, were mostly between 3 and 4 years old, and already working their sartorial magic in front of real royalty.

Cookies, princess costumes and a nice man and lady shaking people’s hands: Best day ever (if we were those kids, anyway).

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