Meghan Markle Dropped Some Not-So-Subtle Hints About the Royal Baby's Gender, Did You Notice?

Yes, hindsight is 20/20. But we probably should've been a bit more scrutinizing of the duchess's maternity wardrobe...JK, that's all we did.

But baby Archie's mom may have been trying to tell us her secret all along. While she was pregnant, the duchess stepped out for public events in no less than 23 blue outfits, according to a new report form sales spotting website Love the Sales.

The report scrutinized 77 outfits worn by Markle in public over the past nine months and found that one in three were blue. Plus, she only wore the color pink once during her entire pregnancy.

While it's unclear if Kate Middleton did the same with her maternity wear, the Duchess of Cambridge, who wore three gorgeous pink dresses (exhibit A, B and C) over the past six months, does seem to favor pinks and greens over blues and whites. Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex tends to favor neutrals and blues more than pastels, so maybe it was just a coincidence.

The report also tallies up Markle's total maternity wardrobe costs, resulting in a grand total of $637,950 (OK, now we're jealous).

While that adds up to an average of about $8,000 per outfit, we also know that the duchess loves a high-low mix. While she proudly rocked a $30 H&M turtleneck number in cream to a London-based animal charity, she also slipped on a $13,000 black-and-white Oscar de la Renta dress in Sydney. Casual.

Plus, who can forget all the five-inch heels? We'll just stick to our sweatpants and hand-me-down T-shirts, thank you very much.

But, mark our words, if Markle goes on a spree with pink outfits, you know we'll be on high alert.

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