Meghan Markle's Latest Outing Reminds Us of the Old Meghan in More Ways than One

While at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first joint public engagement of 2019 in Birkenhead, the Duchess of Sussex visited local charities, canoodled with Prince Harry and greeted well-wishers, all while cradling her six-months' pregnant baby bump.

And, yes, of course we're loving the bright statement of a violet purple dress and cherry red coat. But it was her makeup and hair that had us doing double-takes for the duchess, mainly because of how much she looks like her former pre-marriage self.

meghan markle messy bun birkenhead
Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

The expecting parents visited the town of Birkenhead, located more than a four-hour drive northwest of London in Merseyside, England, on Monday. Their visit included meeting local organizations that support veterans and work to alleviate hunger in the community.

Markle donned a messy bun (#TBT) and no-makeup makeup for the joint engagement on Monday. Of course, both of these are her signature beauty looks, but we haven't seen the duchess's messy bun since last October. Since then, she's worn a sleek, pulled-back bun at least twice, which was a brand-new look for the expecting mom.

meghan markle freckles birkenhead
Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

Her no-makeup makeup also feels like the "Old Meghan" in a lot of ways, mainly because her gorgeous freckles are so dang obvious in every photo from the couple's visit...and we missed them. Perhaps it's the pregnancy glow (or literal body glitter), but we haven't seen her freckly complexion in what feels like ages.

Perhaps she's feeling a bit more freedom now that she has her patronages secured. Whatever the case, will the old Meghan Markle please stand up stick around?

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