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The Princess Charlotte wave, Kate Middleton's hair tuck, Camilla's perfect posture: The royals are no stranger to the camera, which is why they've each perfected their own signature moves for looking their very best. And now, Meghan Markle, newest inductee to the monarchy, has started her own photogenic expression.

Introducing: surprised face.

meghan markle wave
Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images

With eyebrows raised and mouth slightly open, the Duchess of Sussex waved to photographers as she entered the Brinsworth nursing home in Twickenham, England, on Tuesday.

Sure, she was probably not surprised at all to see people wanting to take her picture in her baby-bump-hugging floral midi dress and wool coat, but don't you see? That's the appeal of it! It's like she's saying, "OMG! People are here to see little ol' me?! No way! Hi, guys!!!" even though she's actually a studied pro at moments like these. 

But, wait! That exact face looks awfully familiar...

meghan markle hubb community kitchen surprised
Max Mumby/Getty Images

We knew we'd seen it before. The duchess has probably realized by now that her "surprised face" works wonders for the eyes, which are made to appear bigger with the "Kate-just-said-what?!" shocked eyebrow raise. The slightly open mouth is also more photogenic than a stoic closed-mouth smile or silly teeth-baring grin, and feels all the more genuine because of the "candidness" of being caught without a practiced smile plastered on her face.

meghan markle surprised
Samir Hussein/Getty Images

The bewildered expression is also a sign of interest mixed with amusement, making the viewer feel comfortable as the object of her attention. Therefore, Markle's "surprised face" does double duty: It highlights her high cheekbones and big brown eyes and also makes her appear genuinely intrigued by what's happening (something that's probably underratedly hard to do when you're a working royal with hundreds of scheduled engagements to attend).

meghan markle surprised royal variety
Samir Hussein/Getty Images

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