Cameras Captured the Moment Meghan Markle’s Baby Kicked the Breath Out of Her

Harry and Meghan: Sign baby Sussex up for kickboxing lessons, stat.

In a video posted by fan account @harry_meghan_updates, Meghan Markle cradles her six-month baby bump during a visit to Bristol, England, last Friday. Looking down at what we assume is a more energetic kick from her and Prince Harry's little one, the duchess looks as if she's got the wind kicked out of her, but quickly recovers with poise (duchess school lessons have paid off, Your Majesty).

You can even see a bit of Markle's sheer Oscar de la Renta dress move (like, a lot), although it may just be her hand that made the dress's waist sash swing forward a bit. Whatever it is, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a little soccer star on their hands.

Markle is reportedly due in late April or early May, and could share a birthday with two other important royals.

During their Bristol visit, Prince Harry and duchess Meghan received personalized boxing gloves from Empire Fighting Chance charity. But, honestly, save those for your little kickboxer, you guys.

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