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The next trend in manicures isn't neon or cuticle art or even nail art at all, really. We'll give you a hint: It involves four legs, a hairy body and a slobbery tongue. Yes, it's a manicure for your dog.

Apparently, people are now matching their manicures (and pedicures) to their dog's toenails. Call it a pawdicure or call it crazy—it's blowing up on Instagram. Getting in on the trend is easy: You just paint your dog's nails the same color as yours. What will it be? French tips or a classic red?

This all makes sense, considering our dog is our best friend, closest confidant and child. We want them to feel pampered while they watch Netflix, too.

In all seriousness…we realize it's a little silly, but it's no worse than some of the nail designs we've seen while scrolling through the deep, dark depths of Instagram. But FYI, you definitely should not paint your pup's toes with your own collection of colors. The formulas can be hazardous to anyone prone to licking their paws, so stick with a dog-friendly brand instead. 

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