I Think Wayne Brady Is The Fox on ‘The Masked Singer’ & Here’s Why

If you aren’t watching The Masked Singer, a show where celebrities disguised under ornate costumes and masks sing anonymously to move on in the competition, you’re missing out. Yes, the show’s entertaining on its own, but the best part is guessing who’s underneath the masks, which is only revealed after they’ve been eliminated.

Currently, I’m obsessing over who I think the The Fox is. He’s been confusing the panelists ever since he belted a flawless rendition of Maroon 5’s “This Love.” Still, I’m confident I have a very good guess.

From his “Broadway voice” to his clue packages, I believe the evidence points to Wayne Brady. Here’s why I think The Fox is Wayne Brady.

masked singer fox wayne brady
Michael Becker/FOX

1. He Has A 'broadway Voice'

These are panelist Jenny McCarthy’s words—not mine, but I agree! The Fox doesn’t just have a “Broadway voice,” he also has what Robin Thicke called “a performer’s presence.”

Well, Brady just so happens to fit the criteria, considering he has appeared in Chicago and Kinky Boots on Broadway. He also starred as Aaron Burr in a Chicago-based production of Hamilton. If he only knew The Fox on The Masked Singer was next…

masked singer fox
Michael Becker/FOX

2. He's 'quick-witted'

In one of the clue videos, The Fox referred to himself as “quick-witted.” I believe the hint is a dead giveaway for Brady’s career, since he’s known for thinking on his feet.

Not only did he master improv on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, but he’s also the host of a game show called Let’s Make a Deal, where he does live trades with audience members. Zonk!

who is the fox masked singer
Michael Becker/FOX

3. He's Worked With Doogie And Doubtfire

In another clue segment (there’s a lot of them, so bear with me), The Fox confirmed that he previously worked with Doogie and Doubtfire. The reference stumped the panelists at the time, though it’s blatantly obvious the more I think about it.

First, Brady starred How I Met Your Mother alongside Neil Patrick Harris, who played the titular character in Doogie Howser, M.D.

And second, Brady worked with Robin Williams on Whose Line Is It Anyway? The late actor starred in Mrs. Doubtfire. So there you have it, folks.

masked singer wayne brady
Michael Becker/FOX

4. He's An 'on-air Superhero Persona'

In yet another clue, The Fox talked about his “on-air superhero persona.” My mind immediately went to the Marvel universe—like a shirtless Chris Hemsworth, perhaps?—but Brady technically qualifies as an “on-air superhero.”

Back in October, Variety reported that Brady is joining the cast of Black Lightning season three, where he’ll play a villainous “super soldier” named Gravedigger. Cape or no cape, it sounds like a match.

wayne brady masked singer fox
Michael Becker/FOX

5. I Know Wayne Brady When I Hear Him

I’m not saying that I’m a Wayne Brady expert, but I do have some insider knowledge. Let me explain.

Over the summer, I attended a taping of Let’s Make a Deal. (Yes, I had to wear a costume. And yes, it was just as weird as it sounds.) While no one in my group got picked, I did spend a solid four hours observing Brady walking, talking and even singing between takes.

So, when I first heard The Fox sing Maroon 5’s “This Love,” I immediately recognized the voice. After playing the clip multiple times, it suddenly clicked: Wayne Brady is The Fox. He may have tried to out-fox us, but we caught up…or we at least think we did. Until he’s unmasked, we’ll keep watching.

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