You Can Now Have Afternoon Tea with ‘Great British Bake-Off’ Host Mary Berry…on a Train

If your definition of a lovely time is cruising through the English countryside with Mary Berry in the same train cabin, you’re in luck.

The 84-year-old former Great British Bake-Off host (and author of about 80 cookbooks, no big deal) is holding two afternoon tea sessions aboard a restored Belmond British Pullman luxury train. For a cool £300 (or about $395—not including the whole flight-to-England thing), you can come along for the ride.

The itinerary? On May 3 and 4, the train will depart from London’s Victoria station, taking a four-hour journey south through greater London and the Weald of Kent. While you’re lounging aboard the art-deco train cabin, you’ll get to sip tea and chat with Mary as she dispenses baking tips and shares stories from her career. And it’s not just tea: The menu also includes some of her favorite desserts (i.e., cherry and almond tart and strawberry mille-feuille) and, let’s just say, there’s going to be sparkling wine.

There’s nothing we want more than to drink wine with Mary Berry—on a train or otherwise.

And just in case you’re wondering: Paul Hollywood will not be in attendance. (He doesn’t seem like a train type of guy anyway.) But apparently, you’ll receive a departing  “surprise gift” from Ms. Berry herself. We have no idea what it is…but maybe you should brush up on your baking skills in case it’s a surprise technical challenge You wouldn’t want a soggy bottom for Mary. She wouldn’t stand for that.

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