Mark Consuelos Shares the Most Valuable Lesson He Learned from His Dad

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Mark Consuelos is opening up about his tight-knit bond with his father.

The Riverdale star recently sat down for an interview with PureWow, and while chatting about his partnership will Grill Mates for the #GirlDadGrillDad challenge, the 50-year-old star revealed how his own dad, Saul Consuelos, has impacted his parenting skills.

"Always being there is the one constant thing that I remember about my father," Consuelos said. "Being present, being accessible and being supportive."

The proud father of three (Michael, 24, Lola, 19, and Joaquin, 18) also added that the most valuable thing he learned from his dad was the importance of "being available to your children when they need you" for support.

Consuelos has been very open about how much he looks up to his father on social media. In fact, in honor of Father's Day last year, he shared a sweet tribute to his dad on Instagram by posting a throwback family photo. He wrote, "Happy Father’s Day dad.. I learned it from you."

During our chat, the actor opened up about how he spends quality time with the kids. "I love our drives. Sometimes after a long day, we would go for drives and talk, and they love that. We don't drive to any particular place, but it's just to spend some time together, especially in Vancouver where it's so beautiful to drive up to the mountains. We had some great conversations."

With regards to Consuelos's partnership, the actor and his daughter Lola are working together with Grill Mates on a month-long #GirlDadGrillDad campaign, which is celebrating girl dads and raising awareness for Feeding America. While speaking about his special bond with Lola, Consuelos said, "I love her sense of humor. She lets me know what's going on in her life and I try not to give too much advice, I really like to listen. But I'm enjoying our relationship."

Looks like both Mark and his dad are totally nailing it in the parenting department.

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