The Night’s (Re)Watch: ‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season Will Refer Back to This Season *A Lot,* So Cancel All Your Weekend Plans

With only three weeks ’til Game of Thrones season eight premieres on HBO, all hopes of rewatching the entire series in preparation have gone out the window. (Curse you, Russian Doll!)

But one season you may just have to watch in order to know what the hell is going on in the final season? Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark, said returning to where it all began is going to save you tons of time Googling after each episode on Sunday night.

In order to prep for the big day on April 14, Williams told Entertainment Weekly she had to watch the first season over again. (So booking ten hours of straight binge-watching this weekend is actually a must…)

“After reading the scripts I went back and watched season one again because so much of it refers back to that season,” the 21-year-old said. “There are so many scenes that will look similar. And also I watched just to remind myself of the arc I’ve taken already. I wanted Arya to go full circle and try for some kind of normalcy like when she was younger.”

She also said it made sense to revisit who Arya was when this all started, and to think of how she’s changed since.

“Basically this year it’s like she has a dual personality—there are so many emotions and memories that come flooding back when you’re with your family and the things that you fight for become very different, yet she’s also remaining on this path to try and kill Cersei and remembering her list and getting closer to that. So there’s this split with Arya between trying to be who she wants to be—getting back to the naïveté and innocence with her family—and unfinished business.” (Yep, watch out, Cersei.)

Williams said season eight will be Sansa and Arya against the world (our fave on-screen sisters since Tia and Tamera, TBH), and that last season was different “because Jon was thinking with his penis and it kind of made Sansa look bitter.” This year, the sisters are going to have to put their half-brother (er, sorta) in his place.

Season one rewatch party at our place? You bring the popcorn and we’ll supply the wine? (In honor of Tyrion, of course…)