Lizzo Proves She’s 100% That Chick, Dresses Up as DNA Test for Halloween

True to the words of her song “Truth Hurts,” Lizzo proved she’s “100 percent that b**ch” this Halloween.

Personifying her hit song, the 31-year-old singer dressed up as a blinged-out, life-size DNA test this year and it was incredible. Lizzo shared the news via her personal Instagram account and asked a friend to help her reveal the results.

In the video Lizzo posted to IG, her friend stands in front of a portrait of Lizzo and says, “Yes, finally my DNA test came in,” while the beginning of “Truth Hurts” begins to play.

Then, the camera pans to Lizzo, who’s wearing a bedazzled and sequined full-body dupe of a 23andMe test and a massive smile. The lyrics start to play and Lizzo passes her rhinestone-encrusted cotton swab to her friend, who starts to dance. Then, just as the song says, “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that b**ch,” Lizzo opens the front of her costume to reveal a nude leotard that reads—you guessed it—“100% that b**ch.” Her friend cheers and Lizzo starts to jump up and down with her fancy cotton swab.

The singer captioned her clever video, “IDK y’all…this year for Halloween I decided to not wear a costume.” We see what you did there, Lizzo.

The “Juice” artist and professional flutist (betcha didn’t know that about Lizzo) revealed via Instagram stories that arts-and-crafts expert Seth Pratt was responsible for her monumental custom Halloween getup. (He also created her custom lingerie set for the “Truth Hurts” video.)

Our only question? Why didn’t we come up with this first?

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