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Yet *Another* Study Says Coffee Will Boost Longevity (So Go Ahead with That Second Cup)

Ask anyone if coffee is healthy, and you’ll get one of two answers: It takes years off your life, or it’s the secret to immortality.

But guess what? Yet another study is out to prove that the beverage has some major benefits—namely, that it will raise your chances of living to 2,000 years old (kidding, kind of).

This time, researchers wanted to find out if excessive coffee consumption negated those purported health benefits. About 500,000 men and women were studied. Ages ranged from 40 to 69, with varying degrees of consumption (anywhere from one cup a day to more than eight).

The findings? All coffee drinkers—yes, even members of the eight-cups-a-day club—were found less likely to die over a ten-year period. Or, as the study puts it, “Coffee drinking can be part of a healthy diet.”

There you have it, folks. That eighth second cup probably won’t kill ya.

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