Lisa Vanderpump Opens Up About the Different ‘Identities’ of Her Three TV Show

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Lisa Vanderpump may have started her television career as a Beverly Hills housewife, but now she’s managed to create and produce three reality shows of her own: Vanderpump Rules, Overserved and her latest, Vanderpump Dogs. And while you would think working in television would get easier, the entrepreneur revealed that the processes are very different.

PureWow recently sat down for a chat with the TV personality to discuss her partnership with Febreze and the launch of Febreze Unstopables TOUCH Fabric Refresher. Per a press release, this first-of-its-kind fabric spray combines odor elimination with touch-activated scent technology, storing scent in your fabrics to release a burst of freshness every time it’s touched.

During the interview, the restaurant owner spoke about the differences between her shows and their separate “identities.”

“[Vanderpump Dogs] was a totally different process,” Vanderpump said. “I've been an executive producer on all three of my shows—Overserved, Vanderpump Dogs and Vanderpump Rules—but they are all totally different, kind of like my restaurants. They have their own identity. Vanderpump Dogs was very much a feel-good factor show. A lot of poignant stories about pairing the right person with the right dog. Does the person save the dog or the dog save the person? I’m not quite sure. But you see both sides of the story and it's been well received.”

She continued, “Overserved was also very different and difficult to film throughout the pandemic. Everyone was very careful—we were tested every single day and we had no issues with that on the set. But that was a laugh. We had some great guests. I met some amazing people doing that show. Vivica Fox, I loved her. Jim Jeffries, I’m very good friends with. There were so many people—Iggy Azealia, Trixie Mattel. So many of these people I've established great relationships with.”

Now if only we could get a crossover where the cast of Vanderpump Rules gets Overserved when they bring their rescue pups to Villa Rosa.

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