You Can Live Your Best ’90s Kid Life & Stay in a Lisa Frank–Themed Apartment

Remember the days of Trapper Keepers, gel pens and rainbow-printed everything? Ah, memories. Well, Lisa Frank is back at it again, and this time the iconic ’90s brand is getting in the hotel business…kinda. 

For a limited time, guests can stay at a and Lisa Frank—designed apartment in Downtown Los Angeles and find out firsthand what it'd be like to live inside a Lisa Frank supply closet come to life.

So, what does the space entail? As you might guess, there are colorful animal prints everywhere, hot pink fuzzy chairs, tons of throw pillows and massive murals with signature Lisa Frank dolphins, unicorns, seals, puppies, etc.

Lisa Frank x

Did we mention there are Lisa Frank school (office?) supplies everywhere, too? It’s basically the apartment of our young dreams.

Accordingly, the kitchen is stocked with stuffed animals, on-theme candy and, of course, delicious Cheez Balls. There’s even a Lisa Frank character gallery wall and rainbow cabinets to really liven the place up.

Lisa Frank x

The bedroom boasts a canopy bed, a neon unicorn sign and Lisa Frank heart bedding, naturally. We’d be remiss not to mention the rainbow curtains and bedside diary.

Lisa Frank x

In the bathroom, guests get a chance to shower (not swim) with the dolphins and play with all the rubber duckies.

Lisa Frank x

Scope the plush branded robe and slippers, too, which are available for each guest upon arrival. Clutch.

The Lisa Frank Loft is available to book via starting today, October 11, through Sunday, October 27.

Our only question: When can we and our nostalgia move in?

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