EXCLUSIVE: The Most Surprising Thing Lea Michele Put on Her Registry Is Something She Can’t Even Use...Yet

Nope, it’s a not a boxed set of Glee. (Although, same…)

The Mayor actress Lea Michele, who got engaged to AYR president Zandy Reich in April 2018 (with a massive four-carat rock, no less), is in the midst of wedding planning. And what’s the most fun part of wedding planning? Picking out your gifts, obvi.

In an exclusive interview with PureWow at the Zola pop-up store in New York City, Michele told us the most surprising thing on her registry. 

“We have anything and everything you could ever need to make pizzas,” Michele said of her list. “…And we’re not even eating gluten right now!”

Due to prepping for the big day, Michele and Reich have sworn off carbs, gluten…basically anything unhealthy.

She said that after the wedding, though, the couple is going to make “900 [effing] pizzas.” The Scream Queens star listed off her favorite pie-related picks. “We have a pizza oven, we have a pizza stove, we have pizza cutters…”

As a partnership with Zola, Michele is using the wedding-planning service to do everything from curate her and Zandy’s registry to pick out invitations. But first, pizza.

“I wanna plan this wedding so I can eat this pizza,” Michele laughed. If that’s not on a T-shirt in the bridal party’s gift bags, so help us…