Exclusive: Lea Michele’s Pre-Sleep Routine Is So Extra—and We Can’t Wait to Try It Out

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If there’s one thing Glee taught Rachel Berry Lea Michele, it’s the importance of a very strong wellness routine.

PureWow had the chance to chat exclusively with Michele at an event in New York City where she was celebrating her partnership with TJ Maxx’s Maxx You Project called “The Changing Room,” an experience designed to help support women navigating change in their lives.

It was there that Michele spilled on the elaborate pre-sleep ritual she practices—not to mention, deeply believes in.

“To start, I make a magnesium bath,” she says. “Then, I do a dry brushing and put on a face mask that’s followed by a hair mask. After that, I sometimes have a little glass of wine. You have to make your routine work for you.”

The effort Michele applies to self-care is something that began when she was working ’round the clock on Glee, the hit TV show about a group of high school misfits trying to make their mark via the singing club.

“We had such a crazy schedule,” Michele reflects. “There was no way that I could play Rachel, learn my lines and be as on and sharp as she was if I didn’t learn how to take the best care of myself.”

We’re impressed. We’re also Googling how to make a magnesium bath.

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