Lady Gaga Sang ‘Bad Romance’ on the Set of ‘A Star Is Born,’ and the Video Is Awesome

Have you ever asked yourself, what was it like being on the set of A Star Is Born? We have (a million times). If only we had the opportunity to be one of those lucky people in the room, watching as Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper filmed their performance of “Shallow.” 

Well, those lucky people (including the extras) got a very special treat after the first night of shooting. Lady Gaga and her character Ally’s worlds collided when she performed her hit song “Bad Romance” right there on set. 

Yup, we’re not joking. Chris Kissinger, a set employee, shared a 42-second video, and we can’t imagine it’s something the crowd (or anyone present) will ever forget. Did we mention this was right after wrapping the famous “Shallow” scene?

“It means so much to me and Bradley, and I saw some of the shots. Oh my God, you look so beautiful,” she addressed the audience. “So have a great night, OK?” Then (almost out of nowhere) the 32-year-old singer broke out into the chorus of “Bad Romance.” 

And as the crowd sang along, she stopped to ask one more question. “OK, and who’s coming back?” 

As if the crowd needed another reason to come back. 

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